Monday, July 16, 2012

Game Oranizing for Dummies

So... We have had a box of board games and the like sitting in a box on the landing at the top of the stairs for approximately a year. And in the interest of full disclosure... before coming to live on the landing, the box of games lived in the dining room for a long time. Sheesh, right?

Recently, we've been on a kick of making our house work for us. We've decided to build cabinets on the 3nd story landing, but that's going to be a little expensive, so until then we must figure out other storage solutions.

We bought new furniture this year, including a storage ottoman. It's fantastic! It has four tops with four compartments and... it's empty. Seriously the only thing I ever even thought to store inside of it was throw blankets!! It wasn't until after we brought it home that I realized we aren't really throw blanket kind of people! Who knew?! So, it's been sitting empty for months.

Just the other day I was perusing some blogs... mainly iHeart Organizing, and came across this idea:
  • Store games in your storage ottoman for easy access and convenient storage!
Click HERE for Jen's post.

Uhh... why didn't I think of that? :( Regardless... thank you whatever blog I saw that on- I'm so grateful! I mean, it's not like it was a genius idea, but I hadn't thought of it before. And now... BAM! Instant game organization and 1 less box sitting on the landing! :) Super fantastic!

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