Book Worm

Hi. My name is Krystle and I'm a readaholic. 

I was THAT kid. You know... the one that got in trouble for reading past bedtime. I do recall many a mornings waking up with a blanket over me, my book fallen onto the floor and a dead flashlight. (P.S. Thanks again mom for the blankets.) 
In fact, I had to STOP reading for YEARS because It's all I would do. Literally... I would sneak reading at work, because I was so involved in the story-line. But alas... I couldn't go on without reading for the rest of my life, so I have attempted to learn to regulate my number of books per month. So, occasionally I will get in two books a week, then go 3 weeks without reading. It's a balance I haven't quite mastered yet.
For one of my recent birthdays Justin INSISTED that he buy me an e-reader. I had been resisting for years. There's just something about a BOOK that gets me... turning the page, feeling the weight in your hand, the cover... seeing a loved book worn with re-reading. But, I gave in. And, do you know what?! I'm SO glad I did!! I guess hubby does know best sometimes!! The convenience of getting a book at any wifi hot-spot is amazing! I even treated my buddy at work to Starbucks one work morning, because I needed wifi! :)

And you know what I super-love? Jordan and Joey both love books! I could go broke in the children's book section! Jordan definitely has her favorites, and thanks to her Great-Aunt Missy, she gets some award winning variety in her collection. Joey is still at the stage of loving touch and feel books, but he's starting way earlier than Jordan. Many a mornings I find him quietly reading in his crib before I go in to get him. It's adorable. And his favorite book is the animal one; although he's more amused by me making the animal noises than he's interested in learning them. Sigh.

So, I'm going to use this opportunity to link up to my Good Reads page for you. I have a goal of reading 50 books this year. I was off to a strong start, but I think that I forget to mark a bunch "read", but I think I'm on track to finish strong!

Other than that... I'm going to use this page to tell you about great books I come across, popular reads and my opinions on them, and books that my kids love. I hope that you enjoy taking a literary tour with me. I think that, especially in the age of computers, reading is very important. And since it's so readily accessible, via e-reader, iPhone, etc., we should all be reading more!!

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