30 Before 30

I saw my friend did this, and I thought it was a great idea, so... I have decided to pick 30 things I would like to accomplish before I turn 30. And, let's face it, that's right around the corner!! I will attempt to update this list with completion dates and details as I go!
30 Before 30 40
1.      Skydive indoors
2.     Spend 1 hour on the elliptical machine – and not die!
3.     Make 4 quilts
4.     Wear a bikini in public – and feel fabulous doing it!
5.     Have a business plan to open our wedding business
6.     Make every birthday gift for 1 year
7.     Visit my cousins in Canada  Absolutely done!! And WWIII did not break out!
8.     Paint every room in our house (minus the pantry and closets)
9.     Throw a costume or dress-up party
10.  Take a vacation with my hubby
11.   Create a cookbook of our favorite recipes
12.  Organize all my craft patterns and DIY tutorials
13.   Go horseback riding
14.  Invest in our children’s’ future
15.   Make a rug
16.   Turn my bedroom into a sanctuary
17.   Read a book on having a good marriage, raising a daughter, and raising a son
18.  Take our kids to Disney
19.   Get a tattoo  Got it! A memorial to my BFF Krystle! (RIP sweet girl!)
20. Visit the Olympic Peninsula Rainforest
21.   Learn to ride a motorcycle
22. Ride a horse or a scooter on a beach
23.  Learn to make candles or soap
24. Sell something I’ve made on Etsy.com
25.  Wine Taste Washington wineries – at least 4 wineries
26.  Pay-off all our debt – mortgage and a car loan would be okay
27.  Raise our kids to give back – a giving tree, etc.  Christmas 2011 & 2012
28. Ride a Segway
29.  Build/Restore a piece of furniture
30. Operation Clutter Detox- my mission to declutter our home and free us from “stuff”!

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