Monday, January 13, 2014

I'm BACK!!

Oh my goodness! It's been quite a while since I've been on my blog! Between my laptop needing repairs and my employer limiting internet use, my evenings and lunch break blogging times were eliminated! I've been so sad.

So much has been going on... albeit, not as much as I could have accomplished, but hey... I have two kids under five, I'm slightly busy! I can't wait to get back to sharing my projects with you (whoever actually reads this) and getting more projects done to share!

Currently, one of my Pinspirations involves re-doing ME. Well, more re-doing my wardrobe... piece by piece and I'm getting guidance from one of my favorite blogs: Putting Me Together. This chick's blog is basically the no-duh for how to dress... not like "no duh, everyone knows that!" but more like "Duh! Why didn't I think of that?!"

Another big project on the horizon for us is prepping our house to put up for sale. Tons of things to do to get our lived in home into "showing" shape! Truly there's nothing wrong with our house... it's big enough for us, it's got 4 bedrooms and we fit... it's just not functioning for us anymore. We need a place were we can hopefully park our trailer, another living area for multiple activities, and STORAGE! Our house literally has 1 "extra" closet and it's in the upstairs hall bathroom. That's it. Other than our bedroom closets, no other storage. Awesome, right? So, after a few years of just dealing with it and spending a ton of time and money trying to make it work better, it's just time to move on. We are going to miss living by our friends, but we hope to definitely keep in contact and make more friends. We're also looking forward to a little less drama- if you know what I mean!

So, time to get motivated and back to the fun kind of work; PROJECTS!

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