Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Ugly Office Chair

While I love my new job... I do not love my new office space. The lay-out is awkward, leaving dead space, which is not good feng shui!

My office manager offered to get me a new chair, which was very sweet... but honestly... the chair is pretty comfortable. And being a, uhh... not tall person, a comfortable office chair is hard to come by; they are usually just too deep for my back to actually be supported.

SO! I decided to recover the chair and make it beautiful! After all, if I failed I could just cash in my office manager's offer for a new chair. I couldn't lose!


Ugly, right? Well- the best part about this chair is the split back. Each back piece is attached to a rubber "spacer" or "arm" of sorts. This allows each back piece to adjust to your back shape and also each time to lean to one side or the other. Comfort... no style.

So... I disassembled it! (No picture, sorry my phone was dying!) Each piece (both back pieces and the seat) were backed with plastic, so I had to separate the padded pieces from the plastic pieces. The seat pad just unscrewed from its plastic piece. The back pieces, however... were GLUED to the plastic!! Great.

After tearing up my hands trying to pry the pieces apart... I got smarter than the chair and got my blow dryer!! I just heated up the plastic, and glue, and they came right apart!! (I win.)

Now, who knew a staple gun was such an AMAZING creation?! And who knew that Justin had "acquired" FOUR of them from his time in the Army? Well- they rock! And if you don't own one, or two, you must go straight to the store and get one!! I just stretched the fabric around the existing pad, and stapled!! :) It. Was. Awesome!

After putting the pads back on the plastic, I just screwed all the pieces back on the chair frame, and VOILA'! .


Well... pretty amazing, huh?! :) Not too bad for a couple hours and $15 in fabric. Now, I have a pretty chair for my not-so-pretty office!

Next up: Recovering the two Craig's List chairs I bought last weekend to replace the oh-so-ugly visitor chairs in my office!!

Attactive, no? No. You'll have to wait to see the amazing ones I found!!

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