Monday, February 27, 2012

Hall Bathroom Quickie

Home Depot trip yesterday to pick up supplies for the 1/2 bath remodel downstairs. After everything was picked out, and let me tell you what an ordeal picking paint was, I spot a faucet I love! My love, however, does not mean I was willing to change the design plan of the 1/2 bath...

So, Justin, in his infinite love for me, suggests we get it anyway and put it in the hall bath upstairs. SO WE DID! :) While this bathroom is typically referred to as the "kid's bathroom", it is also Brittany's bathroom currently, so I'm really glad I didn't go with the Little Mermaid decor I originally considered. Instead, that bathroom's theme is bright colors. All the towels are different colors and the shower curtain is striped in all bright colors :)

Don't you just love how you get distracted from your actual project by multiple little side projects along the way? No? Me either... but I am really glad we did this one, and that Justin knew how to do it, because it was a minor $30 for a major big difference!

Boring, standard new construction install. 

ALL GONE!! (And... YUCK!!)


It sticks out a little further than the old one, so we won't have to wash our hands against the sink basin. :)

Don't you just love the new faucet?? I think it's perfect for a fun bathroom!! :) But I have always been a sucker for things that are labeled!! LOL! Maybe it will help the kids learn to read. If not, it still looks great!

I'm loving seeing all the little changes happening around our house. It's taking our house from, "the same lay-out as the one around the corner." To, "Our home." :) We're on a roll, and we're not stopping now! This weekend is the 1/2 bathroom remodel!! 

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