Sunday, March 11, 2012

Baby Shower Prep

So, I was banned from throwing any more baby and wedding showers after the last one I did. HOWEVER, Justin just couldn't stand listening to our neighbor, and very good friend, sit in our dinning room and talk about throwing her own baby shower. So, he said, "Why don't you just let Krystle throw it for you..." :) BIG SMILES!! I love throwing parties! :)

Jaime is having boy #2 late May - early June. So, Brittany and I have decided we are going to throw her a Mustache Bash! :) Everything is going to be green or have a mustache! :) We're talking photo booth, mustache straws, the whole nine yards!

I've already completed a couple projects...

The initial picture...
The Frame

Baby's first initial

The completed project/gift!

Mr. Piggybank...


I'm thinking that, instead of a "Diaper Donation" table, I'll set up a table for people to drop some money in Mr. Piggybanks to help get Cameron going! Both Jaime and I encourage our toddlers to save their pennies, so hopefully this will be fun for her!!

Those are a couple of the projects I did this weekend. I'm super excited about the mustache bash, but I'm also excited to have had a good excuse to get my craft on!!

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