Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Unexpected DIY

Hello all! Well, sorry I haven't been making good on my promises to blog. NOTHING is going right in the world of Detwiler DIY projects! :( I'm surprised Justin hasn't banned me altogether from doing anything! This last one wasn't my fault (after all) in the end!!

Last week I woke up to a GIANT puddle on my kitchen floor. Me, knowing the things I know about our house, cursed the dog for having an accident and proceeded to clean it up with paper towels. To my surprise, the paper towels were coming up wet, but not yellow. (Sorry Tessa.) Now we have a bigger problem... what IS the puddle? I let Brittany know and asked her to have Justin investigate- my best guess was that it was coming from the water connection on the wall behind the fridge. Brittany calls me at work to tell me that everything under the sink is saturated with water! :( Well, I'm thinking this could be worse, at least most of the sink plumbing is exposed.

Justin's investigation finds a cracked faucet hose. Decision time: replace the hose or buy a new faucet? Well, the wire/mesh netting around the hose has been frayed since we bought our house, which we didn't worry about because we were planning on buying a new faucet later... Later has just arrived! Justin performed extraction surgery on the faucet.

The netting has been that bad, but Justin had to cut the hose to get it out.
No more kitchen faucet.

 So... now Justin has to go to the hardware store to get a new faucet... alone. omg. Have no fear!! He has learned the art of picture messaging me at work to ensure I'm happy with whatever house-related item he's getting! :) He's awesome, isn't he?

By the time I got home I had a new, beautiful faucet installed and operational!

Isn't it beautiful?!
No netting to fray here!
 Ahh, life is good. That is until the NEXT morning. Well, first of all I realized the faucet handle was crooked. Anyone notice it's in front of the faucet instead of off to the side? I did. Justin was not happy about having to adjust it, but I was adamant it was going to be adjusted. To the right, please!

So, the morning after the new faucet came to live with us, I turned it on to admire it's working beauty. THEN- the faucet POPPED OFF and it started RAINING in my kitchen!! OMG!! It took me about 5 seconds of trying to comprehend what was going on before I turned the water off. Since everyone was asleep, I called Justin after I got to work to tell him what happened. You know what he did? He accused me of breaking it! Umm... I'm the one that is in faucet-love (unlike him), and I broke it?!

You wanna guess what happened next? He disassembled the faucet, took it back to Home Depot, and they told him it was a FACTORY DEFAULT! (Insert smug grin here.) Apparently there is a screw that is supposed to hold the hose portion to the base portion, and it was too short! He apologized and installed the new-new faucet... and we've lived happily with it since!

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