Monday, March 26, 2012

Hall Bathroom Plans

SO, I've been on Pinterest... :) That has got to be my favorite social networking site EV-ER!

I happened across a pin that shows how to fancy-up a construction grade mirror- you know, the GIANT, unframed mirrors that most houses are built with. So boring, and SO not pretty. Obviously, these giant mirrors serve their purpose, and are perfectly fine, so I really don't like the idea of tearing them down and throwing them away... not to mention that I could possibly receive 7 years of bad luck if the sucker breaks during demo.
So, here's the pin picture I saw!
Pinned Image
Click Here for the original site.

How pretty, right?! From BLAH to BEAUTIFUL! SO, I was thinking this would be a great solution for our master bathroom, which it still may be, but it would work well in our hall bathroom, too! You see, we have wood laminate cabinets throughout our house. Sure they look pretty, but they are what they are, and they are ALL dark. I've been wanting to make shelf covers for the door-less linen closet in the hall bathroom, but the white shelf covers will not match the dark wood cabinets...
Urgh- do you ever have ONE small-ish project turn into a HUGE project? Or is that just me? Here are the shelf covers.
And your link Here.
Isn't this idea perfect for the linen closet that we can't add a door to? (Fan on ceiling prevents a door)

And now... I've figured it's time to start considering painting the cabinets... Of course I've found plenty of sources on how to do that as well!!

And, Lord bless Justin, he's ON-BOARD!! Just like that!! No begging, pleading or bargaining on my part!! He just said, "Okay." And not even a roll of the eyes!! :) He does love me!

Now I suppose we should finish our downstairs re-do before starting the upstairs one! LOL! No, it's not done yet... with the, uhh... "minor" set-back and the unexpected kitchen faucet incident we're a little behind schedule. We're getting there though! I swear! :)

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